Katrina Martin

I’m a insatiable music seeker, always searching for great new tracks, rising independent stars, and undiscovered masterpieces. I grew up on an eclectic mix of music from Jonny Lang to the Dave Matthews Band, to Alanis Morisette, to Queen, to Tal & Acacia, to the Carpenters, to Eagles, to Stevie Nix. I like pop music just as much as the next person, but I’m always looking for the hidden treasures under the surface of the top 40 charts. After being asked so many times, “Where do you find your music?” “Can you send me your playlist?” and “What band is this?” I decided to share my music findings with everyone and take them more seriously on this blog.


 This Blog

This site is the place where you can check out the latest and greatest good music that’s out there. If you like pop music but get sick of what is contantly played on the radio, or just want to expand your party playlist collection, this is the place for you. I comb through dozens of music blogs, websites, music videos, and independent and international music charts, along with following local live bands. I bring you the best selection of my findings every Thursday, just in time for the weekend!

If you liked Imagine Dragons and Lorde and always wondered if there were any other good songs on their albums, if you want to be able to answer the question, What kind of music do you listen to? without saying, Whatever’s on the radio, if you want to discover independent bands without having to suffer through Sufjan Stevens, or if you want one place to find all the best music that will instantly make you cool if you include it on your playlists, here is your new home.

In addition to the “Thursday Tracks” posting, check out some of the other articles I will be adding, such as explanations of genres, background about your favorite bands, and exceptional music videos.

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