Music Video Monday–“Younger” by Seinabo Sey

I have not posted in months, so here is a quick recap!
-I went to Portland, Seattle, and Chicago all for the first time
-I saw Future Islands
-I slept on a floor in NYC in order to see my friend, the WIG, DJ at the Black Flamingo club
-I hiked a mountain
-I got Lyme disease
-I watched five seasons of NCIS while recovering from Lyme disease
-I saw Gramatik
-I got well from Lyme disease!
-I took my first trip to Philadelphia to celebrate being better
-I went to Brooklyn to see Oh Wonder and ended up sleeping on an airport floor due to a last minute flight booking to see the band

Here I am now, and I’ve been playing this song by Seinabo Sey on repeat. This 25-year old Swedish musical wonder has been on the scene for several years and I am embarrassed to say I only found out about her a few weeks ago. Her fame seems to have me most relegated to Sweden so far, but she is picking up more attention in the states these days (partially due to a recent Taylor Swift shout-out).

It is hard to begin to explain what is awesome about this song and this music video. Her deep gospel-like vocals, paired with the unusual alteration of the word, “younger,” in the chorus mix vintage with modern in a credible way. The video touches on the nostalgia and hopefulness that is mingled in the lyrics. The family and relationships portrayed in the video show the significance of prioritizing those things in life while we’re not “getting any younger, younger younger.”

Good music. Good video. Good message.
Check, check, and check.

Seinabo Sey

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