Artist Spotlight–Vanic

I was supposed to hit a little incognito martini lounge tonight to see a local DJ, but all my friends cancelled at the last minute. Rather than drinking by myself while watching cat videos (which I don’t really like anyway) I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to tell you all about an amazing DJ I discovered recently.

Meet Vanic.


Jesse Hughes, aka Vanic, is a DJ from Vancouver, specializing in what he calls Melodic Dubstep. His dubstep is much more palatable than Skrillex, Zomboy, and Kill the Noise. He focuses mostly on remixes songs with ethereal-sounding female vocalists, and constructs beautiful melody lines around the wobbly base and sporadic sonic outbursts.

In addition to doing remixes for big names including Lana Del Rey and Birdy, he has highlighted some more independent artists, my favorite being K.Flav, a very talented and innovative female rapper.

Take a listen to these tracks, and what is the BEST is that you can also download almost all of them for free on Soundcloud too.

Subscribe to Vanic’s social media and keep a lookout for his new stuff! He’s only going to get bigger with this awesomeness he’s cranking out. Trolling Vanic on Soundcloud is also an amusing experience because he comments on lots of songs he likes. It also will give you more songs for your playlist if you browse through his Soundcloud likes.


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